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S short for SMART.With its compact, sleek and fashionable design, the K series is considered to be the most attractive flashlight for every-day-use. Durable materials and fine craftsmanship create perfect combination of beauty and wisdom. Whether you are a fashion lover endorsing trendy and quality designs, or a nature lover who enjoys outdoor activity, K series is a must to your collection.
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Bulb: 6V Xenon incandescent bulb Output: 80 lumens Runtime: 60 minutes Battery: 2 NT123A (NTR123A) lithium batteries Distance: 472' / 144m Material: Durable Nylon Fibre Lens: Full clear glass lens Dimensions: 4.88" x 1.13" / 124 x 29mm (Head diameter 1.34" / 34mm..
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The 100-lumen K11 is a newly version of our popular K1 model. Inherits the K1’s compact body and stylish appearance, the K11 is small and ultra-lightweight with 15.4 grams excluding battery and measures only 65.6 mm long, perfect size to attach to your keys. Using a single AAA battery, the K11..
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NEXTORCH® has come out an answer to combine 2 lights into 1. The P5UV features NEXTORCH® proprietary Dual-Light technology, starring 800 lumen white light and 1000 mw ultraviolet ray light. Central LED shifting in turn via 360° rotating offers perfect spot and beam profile. Powered by 1*..
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X1 This is a palm-sized versatile creature. It works in 3 modes: 100% constant on, 5% constant on and strobe. Even with its small size, it features 75 lumens high output. It also includes the mil-spec Type III hard-anodized finish. Bulb: CREE Q5 LED Output: 75 lumens / 2.5 lumens Runti..
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