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T (Tactical) Series applies the most advanced technology, focusing on the design for tactical use. High brightness and reliability are the most outstanding features. In order to meet the growing demand of market, NexTORCH specially design a full range of flashlight accessories for compatible use, perfectly showing our capability in designing and producing our tactical line of flashlight
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T6A The legendary tactical model and NEXTORCH's best-selling flashlight. The T6A features an anti-rolling structure, 80 lumens high output, aero-space grade aluminum with hard-anodized finish, tactical momentary-on switch, and a full-range of accessories. Bulb: 6V Xenon incandescent bulb ..
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T9 An incandescent bulb is bright, but it's even brighter when it's filled with high-pressure, pure xenon gas. The T9 features up to 110 lumens output. Bulb: 9V Xenon incandescent bulb Output: 110 lumens Runtime: 90 minutes Battery: 3 NT123A lithium batteries Distance: 459&..
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TA2 The upgrade of TA1, its output goes up to 120 lumens. Needless to say, its longer body design and attractive aerospace grade aluminum with mil-spec type III hard-anodized finish makes the TA2 so functional as well as tactical. Bulb: LED Output: 120 Lumens Runtime: 80 minutes Batt..
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TA3 Functionally Compact, Furiously Bright, Practically Intelligent. Compatible with one 18650 li-ion battery or two CR123 batteries. The TA3 is a compact and powerful flashlight for your various tactical demands. Bulb: Cree LED Output: 550 lumens Runtime: NT123A80mins / NT18650100mins..
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